The company “A. Akbarali” is a successfully developing textile enterprise, which has been operating in the city of Ferghana since December 2000. The company’s activity is the production of high-quality light industry products of the following types:

100% pneumomechanical spinning single and double cotton yarn for weaving and knitwear;

100% cotton severe fabrics of calico and diagonal group;

dyed and printed 100% cotton fabrics;

ready – made sewing products-children’s, men’s, women’s, workwear that meet the quality standards;

100% cotton non-woven fabric.

Thanks to its products, the quality of which meets all standards, and the reputation of a responsible partner, the company “A. Akbarali” became a part of the State Joint-Stock Company “Uzbekengilsanoat”, which united about three hundred companies in cotton, silk, knitwear, clothing and other industries.

Company “A. Akbarali” does not stand still, we are exploring new markets and mastering modern technologies, we are expanding our range and are ready for a long and mutually beneficial partnership!